about us


Sito International GmbH & Co. KG is a modern leaded
family business acting in the third generation - founded in 1956.

From the further one-man-production we developed into the present company with locations in Germany and the Czech Republic and altogether over 200 employees during the past years.

As a long-established producer of household - and cleaning products we acquired a leading position in the market and we offer a very high quality level to our customers at a competitive price. We are working together Europe-wide with a considerable number of famous distribution partners.

The environmental protection is also a very important item for us. Environment-friendly production methods are very important for us for not setting free dioxin in the production process. A big part
of the waste-products become recycled whole the other part is disposed correctly.

Sito is standing for innovative, environment-friendly produced
products of best quality at a competitive price.

Dear business partners, dear friends and employees

We are proud to be able to look back on a more than 60 years old history of our company. Nowadays is not generally guaranteed to fulfil the conditions of the market. Nevertheless we always succeeded as a family business by trying to fit in with the wishes of the customers and by developing new ideas and innovations.

The biggest part for this success is due to our customers, employees and business partners, who work together with us everyday. We are also aware of our social responsibility for our employees, and it is our request to maintain workplaces for long time. We express our gratitute to all persons who took part in this success and we hope to be able to continue as successful as in the past also for the next few years.

Sito management department