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Magic Click & V-Wing

The product-group "wiping systems", has been extended by the  holders Magic Click & V-Wing.

The holder Magic Click convinces with its patented "upright function" and the holder V-Wing is equipped with an innovative "spread position".

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Warning sign

Next to plastic frames for  mops, aluminium handles and cleaning mops we offer you the warning sign CAUTION WET FLOOR in the product group "wiping systems".
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Microfibre "chenille"

The product-group "microfibre cloths" has been extended.
Next to the practical microfibre glove "chenille" convinced by its good dirt and dust absorption, you will also find our dust and polishing cloth "Superfluffy".

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printed spongesPrinting of customized motifs

Are you still looking for a suitable give-away?

Whether for the anniversary or Christmas party, for the next fair or just to put your company in scene.
We print your motif on small and large sponges in very good quality using the latest printing technology.
Details on printing processes, purchase quantities, delivery times, etc. on request.


Sito wiping systems

The product-group "wiping systems", has been extended to some more mop holders. 

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Pumie scouring stick - Also available with us now!

Powers Out Deep Stains
Erases toilet rings in seconds. Cleans water, stains, scale, rust and mineral deposits from urinals, sinks tubs, showers and plumbing. Removes graffiti and paint from tile, concrete and masonry walls. Takes off baked-on food
and grease, carbon build-ups in ovens, on grills and iron cookware.

Pumice Works When Chemicals Fail
Even the strongest acid cleaners fail to remove some stains. Pumice speeds the action of chemicals or works alone. Completes the job where cleansers fail.
Easy to Use
Works best in the presence of a liquid. Wet then apply the flat edge of the bar on surface
to be cleaned, using back and forth strokes. Clean bar of residue under water faucet.